How to make an basic working cloth simulation

This tutorial is recommended for beginners, Link this tutorial or an over if there having trouble.

Step 1. Make/insert an plane into the workspace, I also recommend you to keep your default cube.
Step 2. Size the plane to longer then the cube, so it fits in.
Step 3. Click on Physics Props
Which looks like the image above.

Step 4. Click on the plane then, click cloth on the physics prop tab.

Step 5. Change the quailty to whatever you’ll like, 10, 15 etc. I will go with 10.
scroll down until you see this:
Click on “Collisions” Then click on “Cache” We will need cache for later, Now that you’ve opened the Collision tab you should make the quailty anything
Enable self collisions
Step 5. Go to “Modeling” tab
Step 6. Left clk on the plane then select “Subdivide” Open the subdivive thing on the bottom left, then make it atleast 25

Then go back to physics propiates
You must be in the default tab, Next, You shall, press bake to “Cache” You can choose the end for whenever you want the simulation to stop, I shall keep it at 250. (Do it lower if you have problems consider turning quailty down etc.)

Now test it.
It just falls threw the cube, Theres an simple fix for that, Click on the cube, and in the physics propsites, enable collision, Then go to the plane then scroll down on the physics prop on cloth, then delete the bake then bake it again.

The result:

It will fall onto it, It works better with sphere’s ETC, it can work with anything, It just has to have collision on the object it’s going to fall on.

Tips: If you want it to look more better, Left click on the cloth, Then click shade smooth, I reccommend coloring it, And playing with the materials, or make an material.


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If you want to, can i see the result?

show me the results