How to make an exact loop cut on an oblique edge?

I already asked this on, but it seems like there few people, so I decided just copy my question here, if it dont break rules. So,

I did stand for my model, and I want to do support edges on 3mm at all faces. I did this everywhere by this method: I press ctrl + R, created loop cut, bring it to the end of the face and then move it, like G + X + 3mm.

When I got the last loop cut, I faced a problem: I cant move loop cut on Z axis, because face is oblique. I looked for how I can solve this, maybe move loop cut not on the Z axis, but move on normal axis.

stand_loop_cut.blend (696.7 KB)

You cant split one edge, then with mesh tools addon set the length for the upper edge part to .03 (change behavior to clockwise), then loopcut and move it to the split, the cut will stop, merge the helper vertex.

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I dont understand, what mean “split” edge? If it means subdivide it, so, I set edge length to 3mm and it is not 3mm, it is very small. 1 mm - it is quad on the background

Yes, i mean subdivide.
The measures are wrong, you have to apply scale to your object.
If you work at this scale you could change the units in the scene tab to millimeters.

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Okay, when I apply scale (ctrl + A > Apply all transforms) and did this again, it works. But how can I did this without applying scale? If I change units to millimeters, it is just change their displaying, but 3mm edge is still not 3mm.

It cant be done without apply scale afaik.
You can use bevel modifier, it would make it easier if you dont have special needs.
Example: 3mm.blend (651.3 KB)

Prolem solved:

  1. Subdivide edge one time
  2. With Edit Mesh Tools addon set edge length (before this you need to apply scale by ctrl + A > Apply > Apply all transforms or (in 3d Viewport) Object > Apply > Apply all transforms)
  3. Go to any “correct” view (top, bottom, left ead other) and extrude vertex with pressed crtl and enabled (in 3d Viewport in Edit Mode) options > Auto Merge > Split Edges and faces (on top)
  4. Do this with all sides, removing duplicates if needed. You can check edge length by Oveplays > Measurement > Edge Length (in 3d Viewport)

Same thing you can do witk Knife tool, but Knife works not in all situations