How to make an excavator

Hi all! I’m trying to create a simulator with an excavator (for now, next i want to convert it into a game). I have a problem with the bucket, because it doesn’t move the ground (in the blend file the ground is a plane, but i mean the four spheres i’ve added).
I have done some different parents between the objects, but the bucket can’t be dynamic because it fall down, but in this way it can’t move the spheres!

Does somebody have a good idea on how doing this?! :confused:

Thanks a lot!

PS: sorry for my poor english, i’m italian.
The blender file:

The problem is that child objects lose their collision. I suggest making it dynamic and use the rigid body joints to connect the parts together (object panel, object buttons, constraints tab, add constraint).

Cool model by the way. I’ve been making a similar mobile crane simulator, but it’s fully dynamic and uses rigid body joints. Only problem with this setup is that the joints are quite weak and cause the model to wiggle a little.

Thanks a lot! I’ve tried, but i’ve got no results. do you have an example blend file? I think i’ve learned more on game engine than modeling and animations, but I need to learn more and more. I’ve downloaded a lot of examples, tutorials, but it’s a bit complicated manage the movement of the bucket. I’ve learned also a bit of python scripting, (thanks a lot to this forum).

If somebody have some time i’ll be happy to resolve this problem!

PS: i’m thinking how to create dynamic terrain with python script that should be excaved (is this right in english?!), i’ll post it as soon as it will be complete.

I don’t really see a way to do this without parenting, and that would be another cool feature to blender: Collision Parenting. It could be optional, but…
Hmm. I don’t see how python could help in this matter, but I don’t know python so I wouldn’t know. Best of luck.