How to make an object and its array follow a curve

Ok, let me first explain what I’m trying to do. I need to animate a rope with rings on it moving through a pulley system. I thought that for the purposes of visualization, it would be better to make a rope just stay still (rope is just a bezier curve) and have the rings move along the curve. I thought I’d use the array modifier on one ring and then have it

I’ve had a heck of time trying to figure this out. I’ve read posts here on the forums like these:

As well as other tutorials online, but when I add the curve modifier to the ring object after adding the array, it just makes the array a weird shape, it doesn’t follow the curve precisely like I want it to. Attached is an example of simple cubes that I tried to make conform to a curve.

So I’m wondering if I’m just missing some important step like aligning the axis correctly or changing a setting. I wouldn’t think this would be too hard to do. I hope someone here can help me easily enough. Thanks.


Sorry to just link but, I’ve answered this many times.

Here is another cooler solution:

If you read the first thread through and download the blend example on there and still need clarification, just ask.

Thank you thank you thank you! I was lacking the part about “Most important points are to keep the curve and the bullet with the same object centers to start out.”

It works for me now. Is there a way to keep the objects in the array from deforming as they turn corners? I guess I use the follow path constraint for that instead of the curve modifier?

Maybe you didn’t see my other question. Is there a way to make the array of objects follow the path without their individual meshes deforming to the path?

bump. Can anyone answer my last question?

The easiest way to do what you are trying to do is to start with a blank slate (don’t move camera angle, or cursor position) and create the mesh you want first. Then array it one time. (do not move the mesh at all, and do this before you assign the curve modifier.) Then, from the same view, create the curve and curve-modify the mesh.

There are 2 issues here to be careful with. One is that depending on where you build your mesh and place your curve, things can very easily get distorted. The second is to make your array first, or it can also easily get distorted. If your array ends up not following the curve, try editing which axis the mesh arrays on. If you still can’t figure it out, I’d be happy to do a quick example video.