How to Make An Object dissappear in 2.5

I want to make a title fade in and then out, but I can’t figure it out in 2.5. Any help?

Animate the transparency channel? I can’t seem to find it now but there is a good video out there that covers the basics of animating the surface attributes in 2.5

ok thanks! I think I know what you are talking about. I think that would do as well

in blender-2.49 it was possible to animate (setting ipo values) for the layer an object is set.
If an object was moved to, for example, layer 10 and this layer was never rendered, than it
was invisible. In blender-2.5 i can insert an animation-key-value for the layer the object is on, but i did not find a way to animate it to a different layer for special frames. The only thing that happened was, i suddenly had the cube on 2 layers at once … - looks like there is still some work necessary.
Setting the transparency to invisible helps only a bit, there are still material-settings which
will work even if the object is full transparent. For example speculiar-ligthning etc. and the last help is then to move the object quick (that means in only one frame) out of sight.