How to make an object glow?

I’d like to make an object glow so it would lit the surrounding and be the only light source. I can use yafray too so don’t be afraid.

Try increasing the emission of the mesh that’s giving off the light but I don’t think that would work.

Anyhow, good luck.


For the glowing effect, if you want something like this (I just invented the tecnique):

1 Render your scene and save the image.
2 Render only theobject that should glow (in this case susane, I gave her a sahdeless white material) against a black background and save the image.
3 Open the image you just rendered in the sequence editor and add a glow effect (I gave it very high values for boost factor and blur distance) render the picture and save it.
4 Open the rendering of the scene and the image you just saved int the sequense editor and add an “add” effect to the two. Render and save.

And about the lightning of the scene, just add a lamp inside the object and in the material buttons, unchek “traceable”.

you can do all of the above in one step in the sequence editor if you add the scene as a strip instead of the images

the suzanne-only strip would be a linked scene with only suze and the cam

then you can use the glow on the suze-scene and add both scenes to get the final (and only) render

Ok, I’ve allways wonered what that scene button was for :smiley:


Damn, he beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to say you can do the glow effect without having to save the image first, just press the “Do sequence” button under the “Animate” button after you’ve add the glow effect and previewed it in the video sequence editor :slight_smile:

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here’s what it could look like. this is from some kind of pod-racer thing where i had to use more than one glow, increasing rendertime quite a bit

Increasing the emission value (and using it’s IPO curve so it’s value varies) should give the impression that the cobject is glowing - but make sure that you have the RADIO button pressed in the rendering dialog

radiosity will make your mesh into a light source but be warned, render times can be long

Oh, so many replies in MY thread. Thanks everyone.

How to use IPO curves?

The User Guide explained that pretty well I thought. I don’t have any tutorials at hand for it though, other than this.

It’s talking about position and animation only, remember that I want to change the sequence editor glow effect through a IPO curve.

In the Sequence Editor select the Glow strip. Open an IPO window and goto the menu and select “Sequence”. In the column there is only 1 entry “Fac”. If it’s not selected (white) LMB-select it and Ctrl-LMB on the window grid to add your curve and again to add Keyframes.


Ok, I’ve got the curve but how to change the glows parameters with it?

how to change the glows parameters with it?

You manipulate the curve. At any given frame the Factor (that’s what the FAC stands for) that is being controlled by the IPO curve is measured by the value of the curve at that time; the numbers in the left-hand (Y) column. 0.0 is off (in this case Glow) and 1.0 is on and 0.5 is half strength.

You have to manipulate your IPO curve to cross the value of glow for each frame.


So 1 is max :(?

I don’t know, it’s not my .blend. I’m just answering the question.