How To Make AO Bake Textures For Meshes That Are Parented To Bones?

Hi all

Wondering how to get AO textures for models that are parented to bones.
As Bones are moving the mesh thus revealing the static AO texture.

P.S I posted this in BGE since my model is going to be in the BGE.

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baking is static. you bake when you want to put performance over graphics. often times ao bake on characters are “acceptable loss”.

to answer the question, you should not bake, but instead look for a dynamic solution.

screenspace glsl is the way to go.



That still doesn’t explain how people used dynamic poses with AO texture bakes in the olden days.

Dynamic AO didn’t exist in-game until a couple years ago.

I really do not know. But I can guess they might change the texture according to the pose.

It’s seems like blending normal maps technique when dealing with wrinkles.

can you show me an old game that has dynamic ao? ive played a few and dont remember noticing much. maybe ill have to venture through all the old tomb raider series i have laying around.


I people have forgotten :arrow_down:

  1. QUAKE
  2. DOOM
  3. Wolfenstein

Games like QUAKE for sure use Shape-Keys, so I know they’re dynamic poses.

(Correct me if I’m wrong) :wink:

Real time ambient occlusion wasn’t a thing until the mid 2000s or so.
Before that time they either went for a static approach or had a separate map for each pose. The latter sounds plausible, but I don’t know man. That’s a lot of work just for the sake of one effect.

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