How to Make Better Looking Light Flares in BGE

A very simple method to stop lens flares from clipping through meshes.

the only thing wrong with this is that you can see it through walls because of the Z offset, or is there some way to fix that?

While the method is good for menu’s and HUD it doesn’t work for walls as it will just show through even with a small amount of z offset.

Secondly I can appreciate if you want to make your own tutorials on a subject with a different technique.
But this is borderline copy and pasting someone else’s content. You used the same title, description, a very similar preview and BA description as my video, just replacing my content with yours.

The content for the video is good, but at least put some effort into making the description etc. unique. To get a large following on YouTube you create new or unique content that people find useful, instead of trying to hijack someone else’s work.

i agree with Thatimster

Just use point occlusion. :stuck_out_tongue: If the centerpoint of the flare is occluded by any geometry that has a property, the flare isn’t drawn.

Yeah, Yeah, ill change the title and description