how to make bigger cast of the shadows?

hi I’m working on a project on blender game engine and was implementing the real-time shadows, but I noticed that the radius of action of the sun lamp comes up to a certain point and then it ends, in short, does not occupy the whole part of the map, then I tried to increase the range with “frustum size”, but was increased resulting in a decline of the quality of the shadows.
can you tell me how to increase the range without the drop in quality? or if there is any solution / script for this problem, thanks in advance to anyone who answers! BYE!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is normal behavior. You always have to care the balance between desired quality and available resources.

Realtime shadow on the complete map eats an awful lot of memory and processing time. If you think about you should notice that such a shadow is not required. Typically viewers recognizes dynamic shadow in near are only. Therefore you just need shadow in a small area near the camera.

You can “light” the map with baked shadows or other “cosmetic” tricks. It is a game … everything is fake.

ok but there is really no way / script? because I wanted to do a sort of LOD as real-time shadows of UDK. in the sense that if you’re away the shadows will be low quality, however, when you are near will be of high quality.i don’t know if you can do it in Blender, you can tell me if it is possible or put some tutorial would really help,thank you for answers!:slight_smile:

I personnaly use baked shadows for the sets and just parent a sun lamp to my character (above him for a fps mode) in order to have good shadows everywhere.