How to make bleed effect and make end of simulation

I’m sorry take your time, I’m work for my final project about flight simulation and I need to learn more and more from you guys.
I want to ask how to make blood effect and blood spoting on camera when airplane crashing
like this image

and can somebody help me make the logic or script when the plane falling or crashing, the scene appear like that image and it will end the simulation.
Please, I need your help.
here is my file
Up Arrow : Throttle up
Down Arrow : Throttle down
Key W : Take off
Key S : Landing
Key A : Left
Key D : Right

thanks for your attention before.

Solved, got help from fajrul97 :slight_smile:

Can you explain how the solution worked?

1st. blood effect.

a. create a blood effect from photoshop / gimp.
b. Add a plane and texture it like we make a cloud (you can check in this videos

2nd. How to apply when the object got hit / crash.

  1. Place the plane infront of camera.
  2. Parent it in 1 object (example cube).
  3. Add a plane as landscape.
  4. Go to logic editor.
  5. click on plane as landscape, go to properties and add game property and add a name as you want (example landscape) - DONE.
  6. Click on plane as blood.
  7. Add 2 Visibility, 1st visibility check the visible, 2nd uncheck visible

  8. On cube add sensors Collision and always
  9. Give name property on collision “landscape” —> from explain no.5

  10. Click the cube and plane as blood and join it
    —(Collision – and – visible checked)
    —(Always – and – visible unchecked)

  11. DONE.