How to make Blender menus behave more "windows-like&quo


for I think the third time in a row, I’m trying to learn Blender again :slight_smile: and just downloaded 2.4. However, there is one “problem” that kind of bugs me: The menus in Blender all close once the mouse pointer leaves the menu area. Is there any way to have them close only when they loose focus? I’ve looked at the user options and tried searching this forum, but I couldn’t find anything.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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No, there is no way. Blender stepped away from the traditional windoze paradigm, which was designed and works well for 2D, for a Context Sensitive, Viewport Orientated OOPS system more suited to 3D.


Actually, i don’t think it’s all that hard to accomplish for the coders. your title was misleading, though.

But I think once you are used to this, it’s much faster than “close only when mouse clicks somewhere else”.

Ok, I guess I’ll have to learn more precise mouse aiming :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway.