How to make Blender use Windows paging file

I’m trying to render an animation on 2 computers at once with my laptop and computer, my laptop has 16gb of ram but my computer has 8gb of RAM, so rendering on my laptop is working fine, during render the memory usage by blender would get as high as 5gb. On my computer, every time i try to render Blender would just crash because I’m guessing there is not enough ram, i also have windows paging file set to 8-10 gb.
Are there a way to make sure blender uses this virtual memory/paging file? I know that it would be slower but im hoping that I could offload some of the load on my laptop to the computer instead, even if it would slow things down.

Are you rendering on GPU or CPU?

Im using the GPU, both has a GTX 1050 but the laptop has 4gb of vram and the computer has 2gb of vram, could that be the problem?

Ah, yeah. Because of how GPU rendering works, your VRAM is the limiting factor. Cycles needing more vram than you have will cause crashes.

Ah… That sucks, I was hoping that I could just add more ram in the future so I can use the computer for rendering… So I guess I would need to use CPU rendering instead of GPU because of the Vram?

Are there any difference between GPU and CPU rendered images? I heard there are some difference but would it be visible if I mix them during an animation rendering?

Nope. The final output should be identical. Just slower to render.

Oh… I don’t remember where, but i heard somewhere that they shouldn’t be mixed together in an animation because there might be differences in the rendered image.
Maybe I should just compare them just to be sure.

Good idea. If I’m wrong, then I’d prefer to know about it.