How to make both wings to rotate in the same time (rig)?

Guys tell me please step by step how to make very simple rig for both wings of the bird or dragonfy,doesnt matter. At the moment my wings rotates separately but i want both them to rotate in the same time.

I have very simple armature (i dont need complicated), i just took blenders human metarig and deleted couple of unneeded bones and parented mesh to them. What to do next?

Here is photo of the armature

I made two bones which is at the tips of the wings as IK bones and then i parented them as object. Now when i press grab on z axis its works but not properly, when i press rotate it just rotate the tips

so guys, how to do this ?

Patience my dear fellow! We all have other things to do as well as this forum, like sleeping or working for example… And some of us live in different time zones to you. Getting all huffy because you don’t have an instant response will not endear you to those whose help you seek. I note 45 minutes between your first and second posts and 9 between second and third.

So to your Issue.

So for the dragon fly wing, I see you have a chain of bones, so you intend the wing to flex, otherwise use just one bone.

For one bone, just add a Copy Rotation constraint to the other wing bone (this is done in POSE mode), so as you rotate one side the other follows, depending how you have organised the bone axes, will dictate whether you need to check the “Offset” or “Invert” boxes. You need only check the particular axis about which the bone rotates. This constraint should be set up in LOCAL space.

For a chain of bones, add a target bone at the tip, and make an IK chain, you can then duplicate the target bone to the opposite side, and parent this bone to the original target bone. When you move one, the other will follow. Make sure the IK constraint chain length is the same as the number of bones in the wing or you will get errors when you make the second IK constraint.

Rotating an IK target does nothing, you can only move them. Make sure the IK target bone is NOT parented to the last bone in the wing chain or it will not work, since the bone is not free to move. You can adjust stiffness properties in the IK chain bones’ own IK panel under the object tab, other constraints do not work if you have an IK constraint in place BTW. If you cannot do this still, post your blend file and I will take a look, although not instantly.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you, mate. I will try it later.