How to make bots.

how to make bots .:o:o:o:o

look it up using the forum search tool

its not hard

Yep, it’s confirmed. EST is Koer… Here’s a quote from the other thread:

I am not “koer” and i know how to make bots.

LOL, notice he popped up right as you said that LOL

God I love the report to admin button…

path following bots are easy.

you can even do them with pathnodes, just use a simple track to actor, and a counter telling the object which path node to goto next
it is possible to do with even logic bricks.

I suggest learning the random logic brick, this will help you in adding more life to your bots… give them a random jump, or a reandom switch.

the near sensor is useful… but dont use it too much, it was programmed incorectly, and will destroy your games preformance. (I think erwin has done some fixing in 2.43 to fix some of this, I may be wrong, I do know he was going to adress it)

I have a example somwhere here in the forums, do a search for pathnode.

have a nice day :slight_smile:

I vote enriq to mod status. Your a bit touchy at times, but i tend to agree with most of your complaints with things. Now that you have my stamp of approval your good as gold lol.

Use search and be rewarded, post a questions that gets asked every two weeks and be flamed.

Enriq for moderator!!! Yes, I totally agree!!