How to make buttons

I’m trying to make my dad’s palm pilot but I can’t make the buttons. Coudl somone please tell me how to make the buttons. Here is pic. It’s kinda like the one I"m making. all I want to know how to do is the buttons.

One way that I found that worked for me is actually cutting out a quad, and using that as a button. Basically cutting it out, and then using it to make a round or oval button. In order to pull that off though you have to be using subdivision surfaces, otherwise it won’t work. Here’s the result of doing that.

You can see in this image that the area where the button would be is three quads wide. I just duplicated a selected quad (after I enlarged it to make it the right size) made a hole there, and then used my duplicated quad as a button. So, if you looked at that image without subdivision, the buttons would just look like a rectangle.