How to make camera film?

I have to make a motion background for a DVD and part of the background calls for moving film with different frames per square.

How would I go about doing that?

I have a lot of different images that need to go inside the squares and the film has to slide around. That up there isn’t my picture by the way, that’s just to show the type of film I’m talking about. . .

maybe it can help :).
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Thanks, that taught me a lot! I couldn’t understand what the guy was saying, but I knew what he was doing and learned from that. I’ll show you how the graphic came out when I finish!

ok glad you like it .
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There’s an English version of the tut here as well:

@Datawraith: I’d be interested in your experience with this exercise. I’m working on something similar right now but besides making the film and texturing it, I need it to “grow”. I tried doing it with a similar approach to the “growing vines” tutorial:

But that way I loose all control on its material and texturing options.
Any ideas?

Alvaro F. Celis