how to make camera follow object without rotating, and character movement?

I use Blender 2.48. In the game scene, I have a character. when i press up, he moves forward. when i press right or left, he rotates. When i make the camera the parent, it follows the object… but rotates with it as well. How do I make it not do this? I tried vertex parenting, but it only led to the same effect.

also, I’m trying to get my character to move like this:

pressing up rotates the character to facing up, and goes in that direction. pressing right rotates the character to the right position and goes in that direction, and so on. so far, i can only “drive” the character around. there a way to fix this, too?

please help! :frowning:

Vertex parenting should have worked. Try it again, perhaps you made a mistake. (It will only work if you parent to just one vertex.)

thanks! it did work! i did three last time…

now for the character movement…

I have a similar problem. Everything works with vertex parenting until I turn on slow parent; the camera starts rotating with the character again. Slow parent doesn’t seem to work anyway with vertex parenting.

@spoowoo you can vertex parent an empty and slow parent the camera to the empty.

I hope this helps

Thank you Monster! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Works perfectly!