How to make character not slip off?

I have a character that is walking on top of a terrain that has cliffs, but I don’t want the character to fall off, I want them to stick to the side of a cliff instead. I have a distance constraint to the -Z axis that’s local, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

You may try increasing the material friction on the object. On the ground material, under physics, you can try increasing it there.

You will most likely either need to suspend the dynamics or provide an upwards force to counter gravity.

Have you thought about using an invisible border plane? That way the player can’t walk/slide off. I noticed the ‘character’ physics work better at preventing the player from sliding on steep slopes as well.

an upwards force to counter gravity

this gives a problem aswell, if you walk up a mountain it works fine, if you stand still it works fine, but if you walk down its like running of the stairs. if i know how to counter that part then i would share my movement system. (you can still get it trough resources).

anyway if anyone knows how to counter that, let me know please :slight_smile: