How to make character run on walls glide and jump super high.. Maybe fly :)

Hi :slight_smile: I have already asked this question in another form… And I got really good answers umm I wanna ask here to know more in a little bit more depth I wanna know like how do you make the character run on walls, like in prototype and saints row 4 am wondering how you make the character jump really high and glide through the air and lands in the same way as SR4 or prototype ( unharmed) i know these questions sound very dumb and silly and very demanding i apologize… am sort of a noob in blender … and coding isn’t my strongest point please help me here… thank you :slight_smile:

Here is a video lol

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Check out this file,

the longer you hold jump (right click), to a point the higher you will jump,

Add in a counter for a air jump (so you can only air jump every X often or when you touch scenery again)

Add in a if airjump = (not ready) - Keypress jump-------and-----------Force 9.5*mass world - Glide


ClickIt (1).blend (473 KB)

Wall run =
Speed= own.linearVelocity
if Speed.magnitude > (min wall run speed) - >

So as long as you keep moving you can wall run,


Collision with map------------and------------force 9.8*mass = cancel gravity while touching property “map”

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