How to make cigarette smoke?


I want to know if any of you’ll can help me with how to create a cigarette smoke?
I’ve looked around but havent found any tutorial helpful for it.

Thank you.

I suppose there are many way to do it. I experimented with particle a little. But it may point you in the right direction.

Emitter is a small plane where smoke rises, roughly the size of smoke column. Emission is 1000, from faces, and Even Distribution. Since smoke rises fast initially and slows, diffuses and dissipates, Norma velocity was set at 5. To make fast rising smoke diffuse, Drag and Vertex force field is added over the smoke. You need to play with how far away and how strong of a setting you need. Cigarette smoke tends to split and swirl, Children with Braid kink was added to particles. Small Halo material with low Alpha was used to render the smoke. Vector Blur was added to blend the particles:

I’m still new to the particle system. The effect you’ve created looks really good.
Is there any way you could elaborate?