How to make clothe.

I am creating an astronaut for this short animation I am making and I have just finished the model. Some pictures of him are at the bottom of the post and I will also add the .blend file too. I wanted to ask how to make clothe for him. If you have any good tutorials or can explain to me how to make it so that I can also make it moveable for the animation. The clothe I am going for is the orange jump suits the astronauts sometimes wear. I appreciate any post that I get for further developing my character.

Astronaut38.blend (573 KB)

there a two basic methods that i know of:
a) Duplicating and seperating the part of the body that you want to have covered with clothing.
b) Skaling along the normals (alt-S) outward a bit
c) Adding additional edge loops and geometry for folds, seams, collars etc
a) Roughly box-modeling the very basic shape of your piece of clothing
b) Using the shrinkwrap modifier with an offset to wrap it around the body
c) Adding additional edge loops and geometry for folds, seams, collars etc

Thanks for the reply but after I make the clothe is there any special way I should rig the clothing on or just the regular control p and choose any of the armature options.

It depends. If you’re never going to see the character’s naked body in any part, then there’s no point in have the mesh there. For animation, it’s less processor/ram/rendering intensive if your character’s mesh is composed only of faces that are visible to the camera.

For example, if your character wears shoes all the time, then there’s no point in have a foot mesh with toes.

How this pertains to your question about rigging the clothes; you would rig the clothes using whatever method you prefer, like heat map, or envelope. But you wouldn’t have to worry about the clothes and the skin layers bisecting, or passing through one another, if there’s only the skin or the cloth mesh in a given area, rather than both. With both, expect bisection to occur, and it’s not fun to try and fix with weights.

Go look at for some tutorials. One of the Alien tuts where the author puts the critter in a space suit is useful for what you want to do…

Awesome! Thanks for the link, I could use as many as I can get my eyes on!