How to make clothes in blender with default add-on?

Hello Blender Artists,

i got a presentation in the next week of how to use fire extinguisher.
need to make a character that wearing this working suit.
i don’t know anything about marvelous designer and just want to keep in touch with Blender.
do you guys know to to make clothes in Blender?

There are many tutorial about cloth making/ sewing/ adding cloth to chara (not modeling) in blender… there are even some paid addons… just try your favorite searching machine…

Just one random example: a playlist from PIXXO 3D on YT:

YT may show you dozen of other tuts on this selection…

Edit: Video thumbnail is showing in edit preview but not availible in normal page ??? you may have to search for this ??

dude, you always come to answer my question which is awesome.
can we be friend?

oh yes…about the clothes, i have watched few tutorials on youtube which mostly they use cloth simulation. i mean, i kinda need something that might be simple in here. probably a cool trick. so yeah, i need to rewatch youtube again then.
thanks for answering.

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Oh the cloth simulation is the trick because you have to model it if not using it. And modelling or drawing cloth with all the wringles to look realistic… takes a lot of time… that doesn’t mean cloth sim gives you super results in minutes… There is a reason why some like morvel designer cost… much.

yeah…i see that.
Dude, do you wanna see my tracking result?
this is what you had taught me before.


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