how to make clothing for a game charecter

how can i go about making clothing in blender because i cant find any good tutorials on it

There was a thread on this quite recently - try a quick search.
I can’t link now though, sorry.

You mean softBodies(so constraints and similar)? or change clothing?

if is for a unique obj can using the constraints of bone ,or rigidBodyJoint (this last think is too easy) see mesh -> constraints

if is for obj duplicated must make workaround to avoid bug parent for the first and bug children for the second with python.
not much easy

ok i dont understand what you are saying

The way I did clothing for my character takes a long time, but it looks good. I modeled VERY simple pants and subdivided them A LOT. Then I ran a cloth simulation on them, which caused them to wrinkle realistically. Then I used the sculpt tool to make sure it looked exactly how I wanted. Then I modeled a low poly version and baked the normals to it. The low poly pants were very simple, but the normal map made them look very detailed

yea i figured a way out but needs some molding work but how can i use the cloth sim on it if its for a game

you use the cloth sim on a high resolution mesh, to make it wrinkle and look really detailed. Then make the low poly model, which will appear in the game. Then bake the normals from the high resolution model to the low resolution one. i can provide you with a blend file if you would like

ok in other words my best chance is to sculpt

you can start with a copy of the skin mesh and make a cloth mesh out of it. You can use sculpt but you do not need to.
Be careful with the vertex groups.

yea that is what i ended up doing is making the skin mesh into the cloth