How to make Clouds (really easy)

Hello. this is my first tutorial ever so i hope it helps people :smiley:

First we will need to open blender and delete the default cube
Second we will need to add a mesh plane(Spacebar,mesh,plane)
Tab out of edit mode if u all ready havent
After we have that we will need to scale it up a hit S,X,10.we are still in top view
Now that we have our plane we need to go the the phyisic button(F7) the go to the particals and hit new
Now change in the partical place. hit static. then hit the tab that says Partical Motion
Change Normal to .250 and random to .100
now hit 3 on your num pad and rotate your plane 90degrees
After u have your Clouds all done u will need to make them look and feel like clouds
Hit F5 and click on add new then click on Halo

Now after that go the the Shader tab

Change the Hard to 35,The halo size to 1, and change the Add to .08
now after u have that go to the material tab(hit F5 one more time)
Click new,Texture type,Clouds,Hard Noise,Noise Size to 2,Noise Depth 6
Go the the color tab (right next to the texute tab where u selected the cloud texture) and change the brightness to 2 and the cont to 4
Click on Texture,Map too (far right hand corner) and hit Alpha and change the color to what ever color you would like
Hit F12 to render and it should look somthing like this(may take a while to render)
Go ahead and change the settings around =)

Thank u for following my first ever tutoiral…if there is anything that confused you please comment or send me PM
Thank You;)