How to make cobwebs / spider webs?

Hi everyone! I’m fairy new to Blender and 3d modeling in general. I’m currently modeling a haunted house scene. I’m trying to create cobwebs for the trees and furniture. Nothing with tons of detail or fancy, just dusty stringy cobwebs. I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to pull this off. Perhaps something with the particle system? I really appriciate the input. Here a quick render of my sad little scene (minus the furniture). Thanks everyone!

you could try using a single plane with a transparent png web texture, and just play that accordingly, but there may be a better way

pez263 has the right idea.
Since spider webs are so small and thin, like hair, it would take a long time to render out each little strand.

So, just make a transparent texture in GIMP and then import that plane into your scene.
The images to planes script in 2.5 works great but you may have to change a few of the material and texture settings to get the alpha to work right. Premultiply, receive transparent shadows, etc. It’s a little hard to figure out at first.

If you want a little more variation, then subdivide and bend your planes around a little bit.

I made these cobwebs ( holding the easel together ) /uploads/default/original/3X/2/8/28f4e275e7581eee10f6669fa4998628edf50c25.jpgd=1300159567 by extruding a single vertex, then subdividing it a few times and giving it a halo material. of course a little tweaking of the halo settings was necessary.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions! This is exactly what I needed. (Modron, that spider is awesome BTW). I will try out these suggestions tonight and see what kind of results I get. Here is an examples of what i’m trying to pull off.

Hey, I happened across this just after reading your question about spider webs. So thought I’ld post ya link to this tut for making realistic webs.

If you want spider webs hanging over furniture like that maybe you could try a cloth simulation with a transparent spider web texture. Cloth simulations are pretty advanced features of Blender though, so if you wanted to give that a try you should have a look at this video tutorial first:

It would take a lot of fiddling with and you might need to model those thicker strands like those between the candle and piano manually and use them as collision objects so the web keeps some shape. Good luck and welcome to the forums :slight_smile: