How to make coffee bubbles in blender?


I have seen following tutorial:

It shows how to create bubbles on a cup of coffee using 3D Max.
Is it possible to create something like that using blender?

Especially I am interested in following:

  1. Bubbles (mixed big ones and small ones) stick together without overlapping
  2. Bubbles pressed together and deform like softballs

How this can be done in blender?

Best would be something like Phoenix FD for blender:

This creates fluid and foam together behaving physically correct - will we get something like this in blender?

Thanks for any help!

I found this, but I couldn’t preview it, because youtube is not working on this machine

That linked video looks very attractive and interesting Modron, sadly it doesn’t explain the method, it only tells “test cellular texture in blender with particule system.”


Do you need to animate it? Would this tutorial help?