How to make complex details in Blender?


I’ve been watching alot of high poly timelapse videos in softwares like maya and I’ve seen the artists making details in high poly and having options that I don’t have in Blender. minute 2:57 I’d love to have that topology tab or something similar. This guy has alot of tutorials on making details which I’d love to create for my models.

My question is, can anyone guide me to a similar tutorial for blender? I tried searching on Guugle but my keywords don’t help me much.


As far as I know there’s nothing like this in blender. But you can work around it. For example you make part of the pattern by hand and then using array+lattice/curve deform.
This particular thing he does in the video can be achieved in blender though. You subdivide your quad mesh and then unsubdivide it back with 1 iteration. It will change its topology.


so that generate topology thing wasn’t absolutely useless…

I’m sure there’s a plugin for that

Okay turns out there is no add on for that or any 3d software except 3ds max,

Use a bump map/displacement map instead.

Something Maya can do that Blender can’t. Wow. Time for another Blender update.

It can be done in blender easy.
@cdog showed one way by UN-Subdivide but it can be done with modifiers too.

And to bevel the edges just Ctrl+b to bevel the selection then invert selection and Ctrl+b again, or not :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that isn’t maya
it’s max


Thanks a bunch!

If you know how to use blender and have a sufficient understanding of subdivision modelling then it doesn’t matter what package you use, you can model the same things with different tool-sets. Blender isn’t better or worse than 3DSMax in that respect, from either side.

But to achieve this effect just simply un-subdivide a cylinder and you’ll get that cross-hatching design. The same for smoothing groups, add edge-creases and subdivide the mesh.

With you 95%
I said 95% because sometimes a package can affect how fast you do things

Totally agree he should have used un-subdivide to get the effect, I wonder why the OP asked in the first place.
The word is “un-subdivide”, just to make sure the OP gets it
What a joke!!

@ramboblender Thanks guys, those links are really helpful. I’m new to blender so I’m not really a pro ;D

I think that Alessandro Zomparelli’s Addon may be useful here.

@kagi amazing addon, thank you so much!!!