How to make console always open on start?

Whenever i start blender, i have to manualy open the window and rescale and reposition it to my needings.
so how to make it so that it is already scaled and positioned and visible on start?

Btw is there ANY possibilty to fuse the window WITH blender Gui into 1 window instead of having 2 seperate ones?
Maybe an additional window that just copies what the “hiden” console prints?

I think the problem is that the console doesn’t (maybe can’t) totally belong to blender. It runs as a separate program under your OS. So it’s a pain having to drag/resize/open OS windows when you’re experimenting with scripts.

Firstly, You can’t have it set the dimensions.
You can use the console commandline flag: “-con”
e.g “blender.exe -con”

In addition, I believe that somewhere you can specify output to file, and then you could create a script to parse that file and print it in blender.

you can change its size, just right klick on it under properties and hf.

But the idea is nice with the script.

Simple: Use linux Change the launcher so it launches from terminal, rather than an application Then when it’s started, right-click the console and select ‘Always on top.’ Then move the console over a screen of blender that you don’t use (ie the outliner in the top left for me). Then the terminal will always be there, regardless of what blender’s doing!

And it appears my enter key’s didn’t upload

The “Always On Top” windows utility keeps the console on top. “Sizer” is handy if you want to run the 3d View as a separate window of a particular size, say the size of the camera frustrum.