How to make cool bump map

Could anyone show me where I can make cool bump map to a texture or links please…

and search the net for more.

I often use a software called texturemaker to make bump maps, as well as diffuse textures. there is a free version, but it is limited in the size of it’s output to 256 x 256 last I checked.

For my own, I use Crazybump. It is not free, but generates high quality textures (B&W Bump, RGB normal maps, Spec, diffuse, AO… ) from a photo.

Use any available source photo or just white background and gimp it. It has bump and normalmap plugins. With certain amount of creative filtering and color mixing, exporting individual layers you can get pretty nice results for all sorts of textures for blender objects.
For mechanical stuff go for inkscape. That allows to form gradients, forms whatever your idea to make nice bumps for technical stuff.

here are examples of some I made with texturemaker and one I made with blender. the rocky one I just now made in about 4-5 mins. ( going to post one more in the next post )


here’s the cloth one…

Free and excellent normal map creator:

I was denied because there were to much links let me try in 2 posts:

The second part.