How to make Cube Environment Map reflections

Hello people. I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible. I want to generate reflections on the floor of my house (the house of the main character of my sandbox game) Below I leave the picture of the room.
I saw a video of a guy who had managed to make a grea looking scene. Here the video.

I searched and searched all over YouTube and I haven’t found one tutorial on how to do this effect I’m looking for.
If someone had kindly please explain step by step how to do this, I’d appreciate it.
In advance thank you very much.

Okey! so here’s the scene … is a nice looking game isn’t :wink: … well i want it go pro, no matter what it takes … but hey, i can’t do something if i don’t know how to do it … and is impossible to do something like that just testing by yourself without any good tutorial … unless you’re albert eisntein.

think this is what u r looking for