How to make custom hotkeys for Auto Depth and Rotate Around Selection? With Python?


I want to setup custom hotkeys for the Preferences > Interface > Auto Depth, Rotate Around Selection… etc

I canot find them in the input tab with search. And I didn’t have much luck figuring out what to do by exploring the
code with edit code entry in the right click menu.

How can this be done? I desperately need to setup some of these shortcuts to ease 3dconnexion navigation witch is still mostly broken in blender.

Thanks :confused:

You have to post a .blend file. These are simple questions that can be answered…if you want to rotate around a selection you can use the parent key, but I cant give advice if I don’t know what you are trying to do. I’m thinking 3d connexion is a compatible software?

I believe this has nothing to do with .blend files. It is just a matter of making custom keyboard shortcuts which are not included in the input tab of user preferences. I need to be able to toggle these settings or maybe use a modifier key to temporarily enable them.
Does someone know how to do this?

3dconnexion is a company making 6dof devices for 3d navigation. I was referring to it generally encompassing all their navigation devices.
And I use one of them called Space Pilot.

Please clarify this: “if you want to rotate around a selection you can use the parent key”

You’re correct, this is unrelated to a blend file.

So far I’ve been unable to create any shortcut for the user preferences. Normally performed actions will be displayed as a python code when you expand the Info header, but this won’t happen with anything in the user preferences.

If there is a way, might need a script. Perhaps try to ask in the Coding support forum.

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
I wasn’t sure where to post this question but decided that the interface / customization forum was the best fit.
I will try to post in the scripting forum.

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