How to make custom thickness profile to a flat object?

Hello Blenderos!
I have this flat object:

By using solidify + bevel modifiers I can turn it into a thick object:

But if I wanted to make a puncture along the whole line, is it possible to make using modifiers? I can do that by applying modifiers and adding and downscaling an edge loop, but I’d prefer to leave it procedural.
It would be simple if solidify modifier had rim profile or something like that, but it doesn’t.

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You may use dubdiv after make holes…

Sorry for confusion but I meant something like this along the rim.

Not directly… but if you copy your object with all modifiers and “invert” the Offset onth second… like so:

I think you can use the output vertex group in solidify and add displacement with texture(height map) to control the profile

It can be made into a modifier.


You might want to watch the video in the News Feed Today…