How to make cylinder bendings more smooth?

Hi guys, I’m very new to blender and 3D modeling in general. Right now I want to model a “Welded Mesh Panel” with bendings as in the picture below. I did the bendings by draging the loop cuts horizontally. But the bending is not smooth like the real ones. Can somebody tell me how can I make the bendings more smooth and like the real ones in the photo? Thanks for reading this. Any help is highly appreciated.


welded mesh panel.blend (5.7 MB)

You could bevel the edge

Select the edge loop and Ctrl+B to bevel. drag mouse to change bevel size and scroll mouse wheel for number of segments
You can do bevel multiple edges at once

You can move the cursor to a center of rotation, set the pivot point to use the cursor, and then extrude and rotate in small increments.

The further the pivot point (cursor) from the pipe, the more gentle the curve will be. You can rotate in exact increments by typing in a number (say 5) to get five degree rotations, after you press r to rotate. (I didn’t do this in the example above). Smaller rotation increments result in a smoother curve.

might as well use spin then

Hi Richard, this is exactly the answer that I have been looking for days. Thank you very much for you help!

Thanks Orinoco for your help too. I learned something from you that I didn’t know before. Appreciated it!

This is what I finally did. I don’t know much about lighting and shading so the result is not very good. I’ll improve it in the future when I know more about lighting and shading. This post can be marked as sovled!