How to make destructible glass in bge including fps knifing setup

hey guys i thought i’d make a tutorial on some destructible glass, including adding the material, fracturing and setting up the spawning empties, basic fps and knifing setup. Links for each section in the description.
Thanks for all the great support!
Feedback appreciated

It would be very nice if you could include the finished blend, so that it would be possible to take a look at it before watching the tutorial, to make out it if would be useful for a particular project or not. Also I find that learning from looking at examples is very useful and complements a tutorial very nicely!

nice work “very nice”

@martin.hedin thanks for the suggestion i’ve put a .blend in the description of the video, and also here

@david 1000ab thanks :smiley: i hope you found it useful!

sweet that works realy well in game play

That is very nice indeed! Thank you for all the hard work!

No problem, glad i could help someone :smiley: !

awesome work, I decided to rate this post.

I agree this is very good work and thanks. Can you append the finished Blend? That would be very helpful.

i think so, instead of selecting each broken piece though, you can just append the original glass (unbroken) and the empties that should add everything else and you’ll only have to move it onto the other layers.
You might want to copy the knifing set-up as well, depending on how your going to use it.
basically so you have an object spawning a dynamic object with ghost enabled along with the property to break the glass.