How to make disappear an object

Hi everybody
i am new in the wonderfull world of blender and i have a lot of questions… :expressionless:

the first one and the principal is how to make disappear an object which has been hit by an another object.

The second one is that i would like to do an animation without path after an animation using a path…is it possible or not.

Thank you to answer me.


do you want it to be gone, or just invisible?

one of the types of the edit object actuator is to end and object [delete it]

you can’t use paths in the first place [you’ll have to convert them to an ipo, which last I heard still wasn’t trivial]

so, you’ll have to be more specific about what your are trying to do. will this object possibly stop somehwere on the path, and then you want to play an animation relative to that point?
[perhaps that could be done with a parent on the path ipo, and the child playing its own ipo…]

EDIT _________ I forgot what forum this was

paths ought to work…

This is fairly simple if I understood it correctly, but involves a bit of IPO work. Have the object follow the fath using the follow path constraint. Once this is done, go to the constraints menu (under the objects header, F7). There should be a box with the information for the path constaint. at the bottom, you’ll see a slider marked influence. We need to animate this with an IPO. by default, there is no curve for influence. To create one, click the button marked edit, next the the slider. Now, open up the IPO window and choose IPO type Constraint. the inf IPO should now be editable. Simply have the curve be 1.00 when you want the object to follow the path. Have it go to 0 when it stops following the path. (note, when the influence drops to 0, the object will go back to its original location, or if you added keyframes, wherever the keyframes tell it to be at that time [the path constraint overrides keyframe positions at strength 1.00] so on the same frame the inf goes to 0 add a keyframe there so the motion is continuous.

Using and animating the influence is a pretty easy way of setting up multiple parent relationships. You can go from path to keyframe or path to path animation or have some more complex things with influences between 1 and 0.

hope that helped.

One way to make something disappear is keyframing the alpha. Hit “I” with the mouse over the materials and select alpha. Move to the next frame and lower the alpha all the way and add another keyframe.

Just my $.02

Sometimes that works, but it can also leave the objects shadow. Other options are to:

  1. “instantly” move the object off camera, i.e. move it in 1 keyframe or
  2. use a layer keframe to move the object to an unused layer.

To solve that, use the TraShadow option on the material recieving the shadow.


Thank you for all the answers,

I will try all this solutions immediatly and i 'll tell you if it’s ok or not.