how to make displace modifier real


I want to animate a series of objects parented to different vertexes of a plane.The Plane (mesh) is animated also by displace modifier, where the texture is a video file. When I render the animation the plane is deformed in time by the video, but the objects are not moving together with the vertexes (belonging to the plane) to which are liked. In the viewport the plane`s geometry is not changing also, only in rendered image.

When I apply a wave modifier everything is OK. In the viewport the plane is deformed by a video in realtime, and the objects are moving with the vertexes. There are good tutorials with animated waves on ocean and floating boat on but also with wave modifier

There exists a solution to work the displace modifier in similar way?:spin:

Maybe to export somehow the vertex displacement values through animation, and use them to create an IPO curve to move the object parented to it… Or with python script? I am a newbie, could somebody help please?:frowning:

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