How to make domain?

Hi, I have a server and im wondering how I would host my own domain… Like theres but say if i wanted to make www.MyHost.VCEQ or sumthing like that how would i make the .(whateveriwanthere)

Read that ^

What you want to do is impossible. A TLD (Top Level Domain) is only created by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

The link I provided details this and gives information on all TLDs available.


you can create a tld in an intranet though, not extremely useful, but cool. However if you were really into it, you could hack BIND, and get it to recognize your tld. however, it wouldnt take long before, a: you were caught and b: it would be removed. Never say never, Of course there is no legal way of doing it without going into the politics of that crap. But i thought i would at least throw in the shady way of doing it.

Thanks for sharing, Centauri. I’ll have to try someday. :wink:

Just get a domain name, they are cheap

Check this company out

On that link you will find that many companies have made their own TLDs which isn’t supported by the offical DNS system. For example: is a company that sells domains in alternate top-level domains not supported in the official DNS system, and publishes NewDotNet, an application that makes use of these domains. The top-level domains provides include: .shop, .xxx, .club, .ltd, .inc, .travel, .tech, .sport, .family, .law, .med, and .mp3. Of these, .travel and .xxx are in conflict with official TLDs later authorized by ICANN to be implemented by other registries.

And im sure i read on ICANN website about proposals for new TLD but you have to mee t a requirement… i.e. you ahve to have a lot of money and server /nameservers etc…

Well, you can run a network computer as a website, I think that would be creating your own domain, I think some sites trade traffic to websites that can’t be access, not sure how that works.

Yes, but you need to download software to be able to see the domain. My guess is that software changes your DNS settings so that you do a lookup on their servers as well.

Anyone can set up a DNS server and have it respond with whatever they like. However most people on the Internet won’t be able to access it as it won’t be in their DNS records. If you want to attach it to a domain that the main DNS network uses, you have to branch off an existing server. Most people will branch off of the .com server, etc, since that’s easy and cheap. Branching off the root server is possible, but you have to go directly through ICANN, which means convincing them that it is necessary.

How do I had these DNS server/settings ?

Assuming for the sake of argument that by this you mean “How do I see and/or change my DNS server settings?”

Almost certainly you’re using the DNS servers provided by your ISP. Also almost certainly you’re getting the DNS server addresses by DHCP from the ISP when you connect - everything is much easier this way. If you want to change to different servers:

On Windows (For XP - it’s different but similar in 98): Right-click Network Places->Properties. Richt-click your internet connection->properties, choose TCP/IP and hit Properties. Turn off “Obtain a DNS server automatically” and put in the ip addresses of the DNS servers you want to use instead into the box.

On -nix, (as root) open /etc/resolv.conf and edit/add/remove the lines that start “nameserver”. Open /etc/dhclient.conf and remove “domain-name-servers” from the “request” line. Both these files have man pages, so look at them.

Of course, make backups of anything you change, and I’m not certain that the -nix ones will work (I haven’t messed around with them too much, just use DHCP and everything is happy).

Cool, does this mean I can find things in different countrys that’s not regerster with my ISP DNS server ?

Hmmm, couldn’t get anything, does this require a special browser or plug-in ?

Yes, but you need to download software to be able to see the domain. My guess is that software changes your DNS settings so that you do a lookup on their servers as well.


The software installs itself into your LSP layer, filtering out the part of the address… and many times causes connectivity problems.

It is niether spyware or adware, but it sure can be a nuisance, and usually comes bundled with adware and spyware.

Now wait a minute, what about openNIX which is a open source project for DNS

If you want to set up a DNS server, There are a bunch of contendors, the most popular being BIND, which i think is a BSD project, its one of the most widely used servers. It comes with most distrobutions of linux, and BSD. It can be a real pain in the ass to config though.

In all reality unless you are running a large lan, where you have a bunch of traffic that goes out to the net, setting up a dns server doesnt do you much good, it can be a lot of work, for very little reward.

technically if you set up a new root DNS server, you could add propriatary TLDs. but administering that system would suck especially if you opened it up to the public. which is what opennic looks like they are doing. I doubt it lasts, because If it ever did catch on, even with geeks, eg it was posted on slashdot, i doubt their servers could handle it. not that i dont think its a cool idea, but seriously DNS as it is, its pretty good, I dont have any beef with it. The root US servers, are quite stable, and they keep the internet easy for people who dont know anything other than how to check their email.

Wasn’t looking for servers, just DNS that isn’t supported by my own