How to make drivers play nice with IK?

Hello, I just realized my rig likes to freak out like this because I have a hand>arm driven by IK and it’s connected to a shoulder driven by drivers. This results in some really nice movement until I move the arm more central to the character.

The solution in the video is to disconnect the arm from the shoulder which sure, that may work, but I’d have to redo all the drivers I already made and adjusted. Is there some way to make IK and drivers work together?

Your link is to a tutorial video. I was expecting a video demonstrating the problem you’re having. Did you link what you intend to link?

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As you posted the 1st solution is to disconnect the arm.

If you want to keep it connected then you need to make a mechanism rig…. Which has the arm disconnected and then add constraints to copy the mechanism positions/rotations to the connected deform rig… either way you end up re doing your other drivers. It’s just doing the work!