How to make F-Curves periodic


I am trying to make a periodic Polynomial Function, in order to simulate a bouncing ball, etc - something like mmmm
if you get my point. That could be achieved quite easily with a Polynomial function - for any given range I can
create a curve, but if I want the curve repeated (which makes sense with bouncing objects) - I couldn’t figure out
whether it’s possible.
I guess technically speaking this could be achieved by making Polynomial not of x, but rather of mode(x, period length),
x being the frame #. but maybe there are another ways to think of that - either way does Blender support it ?

Thanks in advance !

Have you tried adding a cycles modifier

As far as I can tell, I can’t use both the sine and the cycles modifiers simultaneously - however, I could get what I
wanted with the Cycles modifier - thanks for the idea…
I wonder however would it be possible to use more complex (that is, arbitrary ) functions, since it seems to
me they could be quit powerful in animation graphs (maybe through the Python interface ? - I guess i’ll need
to learn that some time)