How to make faces change colors

how can i make individual faces on an object change to a different color during the animation?
i would like it to be a gradual change, if possible:yes:

I’ll try to make this simple - make a cube. Make it red. On the first frame put your mouse over the preview of the material and hit I > RGB (or All Colors if you like)

Go forward 10 frames then change the color, and repeat the I>RGB(or All colors again) and there you go!

i tried that, but doesnt it only work if you change the color of an entire object? i want to just have a few faces change on the object

You can extend what nicktechguy is suggesting by adding more materials to your mesh. Put the cube in edit mode, deselect all, then select a single face. Add a new material to the object (F9 click New) and now you can Assign just that selected face to the new material.

NOTE: When you create add a new material to an object, it inherits the current material and IPO, so you have to actually pick a new material for the the “New” material or it will look the same.

Press the F9 Key.
Then click the “New” button under the Links and Materials TAB.