How to make faces with vertices?

If I extrude a vertice outward so that it looks like a line, how do I join that to another vertice to get a face? I’m using 2.5

Well, you select at least three points and them press Shift-F keys to “fill”…well, it used to be…

Select two edges (one on each side of the face you want to create) and press “F”.

Thanks for the replies. OTO: I don’t think that method works in 2.5.
linfosoma, yep I was able to do it.

But this leads to another problem in general that I have: if the edge joining 2 vertices is not straight, is there any way to make it straight? I tried using the grab function but it doesn’t really straighten it quite right.

Come again? Edge between 2 vertices is always straight.

Im sorry, Im not sure about what you are trying to do on that second part. Would you mind posting a screenshot?

When I extrude from an edge or from 2 vertices, the shape is not always straight. I think it’s because I bent the pre-existing mesh so now when I try to extrude from it, it gives me funny shapes.
Attached shows what happens when I extrude down.

You’re using bad modeling techniques, maybe?!
And I can confirm:
Shift-F “fill” a closed poly line
F creates a face/edge

lol you didn’t apply the subsurf modifier.

I see it on your screen.

It’s not 2 verties, it’s actually more, since you subsurfed it it rounds everything by adding some verties. If you apply it, you’ll notice that more verts will appear.

Linkxgl, thanks yeah I figured it out it was something with the subsurf when I started playing with it a bit more.

Oto: You don’t need to shift-f and then press f again. To make a face you just need to press f.