How to make feathers?

well i’m currently moddelling on an eagle

I now want tp provide that beautyful bird some beautyful realistic feathers :wink:

But as you can see i’m having trouble to start… do you have any tutorials on a good way how to make feathers?

The problem is that I want to make close-ups on the eagle, so they have to look realistic even on very close shots :wink:

You might want to try l-system or similar tree generator to make feathers. In fact if I recall correctly, there’s an example of a feather in arbaro. I think that l-system will do just fine.

you might try using the new hair feature to make some strands of hair, take a render, then make an alpha mapped texture out of that to apply to your feathers. the ideal thing for applying the hairs/feathers would be the beast plugin, but you need an older version to run that.

You might find the info in this thread useful:

(btw, the search function still works here at elYsiun… :wink: )

sorry, mzungu :wink: But i really used the search function. but I just coudn’t find something like that . try using “feathers” as keyword. it will give you only rubbish ^^

is that what youre looking for? (sorry about the artifacts, i’m in a rush because my parents dont want me on the pc right now, so i didn’t have time to figure out a way around them) If so, i’ll write a tutorial about it over the weekend.

well… yeah :wink: I guess so … ^^ is this made using particles, and applying an animation on the size of the haloparticles? well. i’ll just try it out…

You can use the new Hair feature to make feathers. You can set the feather shape as you want it using tangent shading in the materials options. Quick overview would be:

Set up particle hair
In Materials Click Strand and Shet the Tangent Shading Options:

Start: Thickness you want at beginning (near body)
End: Thickness you want at end (end of feather)
Shape: Set it high to get the round look of feathers

Alpha maps work as well though.