How to make flat view waving flag in Blender?

Hi, I need help about making a flat style waving flag like pictures. Need help

Thank you a lot.

/uploads/default/original/4X/2/8/1/2819ada1cae22d96426cef58a1852a993b236afc.jpgstc=1 /uploads/default/original/4X/9/2/4/9241bcfd24cc1fcf9091b8db7e7aa426094319c0.jpgstc=1


Wave modifier doesn t work well for this situation. :confused:

Have you tried a Lattice?

Do you need to just model it or model and animate it?
To model it’s pretty basic, add a plane, move / extrude edges.

To animate it probably shape keys are a solution.

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For a still image, add textured plane, loop cut, rotate, loop cut, rotate etc.

Looks like a job for a 2d raster program, not a 3d modelling suite.

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you can also use cloth simulation with animation

happy bl

Cloth sim, Lattice, Displace Modifier… Either of these should work…

I need help now, sorry i could not watch the support forum, I need a lat design waving. It s 2D style.If you ve any idea please post here, or do u ve any video tuts ile it, pease send me see

Is it just the waving look or actual waving (animated)? To have the appearance as in the pics with no animation might not be too hard.

is this what ur after? if so id use the lattis tool and just counteranimate the mesh so it does not move. set the UVWs to linear.