how to make flour

how to make ‘flour’ in blender and render in luxrender?

should i use just a texture?

Hi, can you explain what will the flour look like in the scene?
It can be in so many forms that different approaches can be taken to make the material - a pile or dust spread on a table; a portion in a tea spoon; a jar filled with flour…

ok here is an idea if its flour like for baking what you could do is first make a basic mesh uv it and add a flour bump and texture then make some small particles with the same texture and spread them on the mesh to give more definition… if you dont know how to do that use the technique blender guru used to spread rocks in this tutorial hope that helps :DD this technique also works for many other things

it will be on the table, not in a jar or pocket

I would suggest a plane (or 1 face mesh) with a white material based in a texture with transparency (for density of dust) and a grain bump.

flat surface: cloud texture with transparency

pile of flour: hill geometry with bump texture plus halo geometry with transparent elements around it at base