How to make fluid sim less "blob like"

Hi Guys,

So I’ve been trying to get a nice animation of some water flowing through pipes but the water always looks kind of “blob like” when I see water running out of a pipe its smooth and one solid stream but with flip fluids its seems like its bumpy, hope this makes sense. Resolution set to 150, even with resolution set to 300 it still doesn’t seem to make it much smoother

Looking at creating something more like this

I’m not familiar with Flip fluids, but with Mantaflow (the default simulator integrated in Blender), I like to put a “smooth” modifier on the mesh after the simulation and increase the repeats until I get something I like. That way it makes the small droplets and splashes look thinner and reduces the obvious ball-like look.

Also, Mantaflow has lots of mesh creation settings, with particle size, mesh resolution and mesh smoothing options, so I would look if Flip fluids has any way of controlling the mesh creation process.