How to make fur texture without particles?

I want to make a furry texture but I don’t have the computes to waste rendering all those particles. My computer is slow enough as it is. Making fur with particles slows it down to a crawl. Furthermore, I don’t really need full-blown fur. I just want to creat the impression of a soft, furry texture… Like a Teddy Bear.

A Bear has fur but, unless you get up close, you don’t necessarily notice the individual hairs. You just notice an overall furry texture. Only some Bears that have long fur would need rendering with particles.

If I was doing this with GIMP I’d create the Teddy Bear and add random noise. Then I’d use about a 10-pixel motion blur. That would make the noise grains look like little indistinct hairs, thus creating a furry texture.

I have tried UV mapping an image of fur onto the Bear but that just looks like a picture of fur pasted on.

Any other ideas?

T.I.A! :slight_smile:

Oh Oh… I saw a tutorial someware for creating fur-looking textures in Photoshop (You can probably also do in in Gimp or the like)

I’ll see if I can find it…

there was a GREAT texture library for all kinds of fur using very small ammounts of particles(enough to make it so that rendering time won’t slow too much) Forget where it is tho :S I’ll try to find it… I’m pretty sure it’s on my computer somewhere but if u search the forums you’ll probably find it

Sorry - Can’t locate it.

I think it was in essence:

Create an image with the base colour (Or UV template if your’re UV texturing the bear)

Add some nice large variations in colour (Big splodges)

Use a smear tool to smear colours together along seams in a uniform direction to create fur looking stuff.

Bit of noise and motion blur on a seperate layer and there you go:

Use Beast:


Wow! Cool! Some good ideas! Thanks!

So, I’ll start studying-up on Beast.

So with your method, Ammusionist, you’re saying to use the same technique I use in GIMP/Photoshop to create a flat image then UV map it onto the Bear?

Why didn’t I think of that!! Silly me! :expressionless:

There’s an initial step you can take:

Unwrap the bear first and use the UV mesh script to create an image file of the UV layout.

THEN use Gimp or PS to create the furry texture, then load it back in!

i see you are using gimp but i figured i’d share this great tut i found the other day…