How to make gables for a cottage.


I’m more or less new to Blender and 3d software at all.
I tried a bit on an earlier Blender version but did not get the hang of it then
Now I have followed a tutorial and start testing my skills on a small cottage model.
I think moust of it went well. I look at a youtoube tutorial about a house “Blender House Modeling”

I have some problems to make the gables under the roof. The tutorial do something with Select the 2 Vertex on each end of the two gables then do a shft D and then again P and selection. Then select bouth end on one gable. and then create a face. Same on the other.
Then cut each on the middle.
I think i have got that far but when i start lifting the side it just create a small triangular shape, not big enouth to fit complete under the roof

could you put a link to the tutorial? there are several such tutorials.

Here is the link to the tutorial part 2 that i have used as a guideline to my model.

I also try to upload a jpg picture of my model but it would not upload.

Hope this image helps to understand what’s done in order to build this part. In the tutorial last selection is done in wireframe mode using box select. You could split window for a moment and use view like this to select middle edge.

I have been trying. I ether get an empty triangel or just extrude the mid vertexes. Then i tried to extrude the new faces a bit up but then when i extrude it looks like i duplicate the faces. No connection between the new and the old. If i grab it it looks like the main faces (1 in picture from eppo.) is the only one there over the upper end of the wall. I thought it was just a mess up from earlier.

I have again tried to put up a picture but i cant get it up.

My advice would be - make some new file and try add plane, switch to edit mode, extrude it up e,z; then loopcut Ctrl-r, switch to edge select mode instead of vertices select, select upper one edge in the middle and g,z it. If that turns out ok, then try to create same shape doing it like in tutorial - in wireframe mode (toggle by z) and front orto view; after you make loopcut, with C selection tool select 2 vertices forming same middle edge and g,z them. While doing this, rotate view and see how it works.

I wil try that. I have taken an earlier saving and start over. Is it right when i do a Shift d, i get 3 lines and one that is only two vertex?

Eppo, I tried your instruction and it worked well. I attacked my model again and with some trial and error i finaly completed the gables on the cottage. I think i know what i did wrong when i got the empty triangle. I had all edges in the cut selected so i grabed the whole object on the middle.

Thanks to all.