How to make game in complete black and white?

Im starting a game, but I want the entire game to be in black and white. I know that an easy solution would be just to go into photoshop and set all of the textures to Grayscale, but I want to take advantage of my desicion and make the game less hard on the users computer(So i can have more objects on screen.) Basically, I want to free up the part of the cpu that is being used to calculate the colors. Is there a way to do this?

Sorry. I don’t think you can switch the colour depth over to 8-bit black and white.

EDIT: Actually, though, if the textures were all palletized black and white, it would save a lot of video memory, which would accomplish basically the same thing in the speed-up department.

I tried this and it does speed up a little. I made all my textures grey scale, it looks pretty cool. The game was based in the 1920’s and was a chase game where you drove from point A to point B and the police chased you. It was called bootlegger.

I have more screenies in this folder if you wanna check it out.

I used a toon shader thing some month ago and succeded in getting a black and white that looked really cool.

Dude nomater what you do. The GPU will want to proccess all four componets of a pixels color. regardless of wether or not your textures are black and white or if they are in color. Changing things to black and white will make zero difference on performance. Doing a texture sample from a black and white texture is just a computationaly expensive a doing a texture sample from a color texture.

Well the texture’s filesize will be much smaller, so it should take up quite a bit less video memory. It’d be like using smaller textures.