How to make Glare Node React to one color?

Hello, I’ve been working on a car model for a while now, and I’m currently working on the tail lights

I wanted to add the effect of taillight glare using a glare node, but when I do so, the taillights look over saturated and it ruins the composition of the scene.

I want to know how to make the glare node react to only a certain color, which in my case it’s red.
Yes… i know my scene looks like garbage because I have been spending most of my time editing the car more than making the scene for it.

Try using a key node to split out the color then glare it, but this will be hard because the rest of the model is the same color. Then you would “add” the glare back over the original.

You should investigate Material ID’s or Object ID’s. Either of those will give you an alpha channel that you can then use in compositing to isolate the part of the image you want to add glare to.