How to make grass particles react to objects and not lookawkward like this?

Grass passing through the objects


I tried weight paint, but then you need to subdivide the plane a lot and it would seem the part where the texts are standing don’t have grass growing on them.

If you want it to react like it would in an animation I’d recommend using hair shape keys possible with this plugin.

You could use the text as a boolean cutter to “mow” the lawn. Just apply a boolean mod, use the text as the object, and boom, a freshly mown patch of lawn under the text. It might make your computer explode…

Do i need to apply the where do i put the Boolean modifier? on topmost after the Particle?

I don’t know. Thinking about it now, I’m not even sure you can use a boolean on particles. There’s a way to affect length by an object though, I’m sure of that. How? Don’t know.

i know how to do it now. & i can’t believe it’s that simple, just click in the hair particles the Dynamics checkbox.

Try using texture weight paint instead of vertex groups, or paint yourself a mask and use it in particle system.